Vignettes take place in a busy Otolaryngology (ENT) Department at an large urban academic medical center in Virginia.

Sue Bernstein, D.O. ENT Chief Resident

Sue Bernstein is chief resident for the ENT service. She believes everyone succeeds when the team succeeds and encourages the ENT residents to back each other up when the service is busy with cases. She enjoys seeing the residents be challenged and become better doctors because of these challenges. Dr. Bernstein was an all-star soccer player in college and led her team to a national championship in division III.

Mike Carter, L.P.N. Care Partner

Mike Carter is an experienced care partner in the Surgical Trauma ICU who tries to help the unit however he can.

Laura Clark, M.S.W. Social Worker

Laura Clark is a long-term social worker at the hospital. She does her best to help patients even though she sometimes finds the work frustrating.

Peter Dahl, M.D. ENT Intern

Peter Dahl is an ENT intern who places great value in learning from experience. Before medical school, Peter was a Peace Corps volunteer who helped a small African village access potable water. In medical school, Peter kept a journal to document how his progress toward becoming a physician. He is now involved in research with the pet therapy program to evaluate whether pet therapy shortens patient recovery time after surgery.

Taylor Hendricks Patient

Mr. Hendricks is a 63 year old man who lives by himself in rural Virginia. He avoids going to the doctor unless it is necessary and would much rather frequent his local watering hole.

Mia Jacobs, M.D. ENT Intern

Mia Jacobs is an ENT intern who graduated first in her medical school class. She is the oldest of four siblings and grew up in a military family. She likes the intensity and order of the operating room. Mia strives to be the best in her cohort and enjoys the recognition from her peers and faculty.

Isaac Miller, R.N. STICU Nurse

Isaac Miller has worked as nurse in the Surgical Trauma ICU (STICU) for the past 25 years. The STICU has patients from all walks of life and prides itself as a state-of-the-art critical care unit that specializes in the care of adult surgical and trauma patients. Every year, Nurse Miller has new residents pass through his unit while completing their medical training. Nurse Miller has seen hundreds of residents train in the STICU, and he feels it is his job to subtly shape the residents into great physicians while also ensuring safe care.

Steve Turner, D.P.T. Physical Therapist

Steve Turner is a veteran physical therapist at the hospital who likes his job but would prefer to be kayaking.

Betty Wright, R.N. STICU Nurse

Betty Wright is a nurse who recently graduated nursing school and began a job in the Surgical Trauma ICU.

Chris Young, M.D. ENT Residency Program Director

Chris Young is a faculty member in ENT and has been the residency program director for 13 years. He has earned the reputation of running a tight ship in the operating room—junior residents are often told to “be seen and not heard”—but he is a respected surgeon and teacher for the more advanced residents, particularly with the complex cases. Under his leadership, the residency program has flourished because of his focus on developing residents into excellent surgeons.

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